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Part 1. Industrial and civil construction
Section 1.1. Building materials and products
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1.1.1V. Zimich
Effect of Ferrous Additives on Magnesia Stone Hydration
1.1.2I.L. Kostiunina, A.V. Vyboishchik
Influence of Additives on Masonry and Protective Paints Quality
1.1.3N.P. Aleksandrova, A.S. Aleksandrov, V.V. Chusov
Application of Principles of Theory of Damage Accumulation to Calculation of Asphalt-Concrete Coatings
1.1.4A.S. Aleksandrov, G.V. Dolgih, A.L. Kalinin
Analysis and Modeling of Process of Residual Deformations Accumulation in Soils and Granular Materials
1.1.5M.D. Butakova, S.P. Gorbunov
Study of Influence of Composite Materials Components on Properties of Concrete Mixtures and Concrete in Time Dynamics
1.1.6M.D. Butakova, S.S. Saribekyan, A.V. Mikhaylov
Influence of Silicon-Containing Additives on Concrete Waterproofness Property
1.1.7V.D. Tukhareli, A.V. Tukhareli, T.F. Cherednichenko
Investigation of Mechanism of Action of Modifying Admixtures Based on Products of Petrochemical Synthesis on Concrete Structure
1.1.8D.D. Khamidulina, S.A. Nekrasova, K.M. Voronin
Foam Glass Production from Waste Glass by Compression
1.1.9M. Gavrilov
On Technological Properties of Modified Epoxy Composites
1.1.10T.A. Musikhina, E.A. Zemtsova, C.L. Fuks
Use of Repeated Fluoropolymer Suspensions to Obtain Composite Electrochemical Coating Based on Zinc
1.1.11V.B. Balabanov, K.N. Putsenko
Comparative Analysis of the Principal Characteristics of Microsilica Obtained from Silicon Manufacture Wastes and Used in Concrete Production Technologies
1.1.12R.R. Bogdanov, R.A. Ibragimov
Development of Flat Roof Construction with Waterproofing from Modified Self-Compacting Concrete
1.1.13Y.N. Ogurtsova, V.V. Strokova, M.V. Labuzova
Hydrophobization of Concrete Using Granular Nanostructured Aggregate
1.1.14V.I. Loganina, I.S. Pyshkina
Influence of Synthesis Mode of Supplement Based on Calcium Hydrosylicates on the Structure and Properties of Lime Compositions
1.1.15E.A. Tokar, S.V. Vavrenyk, S.G. Krasitskaya
Investigation of Cement Compositions Modification with Organosilicon Compounds
1.1.16K.A. Saraykina, V.A. Shamanov
Nanostructured Basaltfiberconcrete Exploitational Characteristics
1.1.17R.A. Yanturina, B.Ya. Trofimov, R.M. Ahmedjanov
Structuring in Cement Systems with Introduction of Graphene Nano-Additives
1.1.18G.F. Averina, T.N. Chernykh, L.Ya. Kramar
Investigation of Interrelation between Deformation, Composition and Structural Characteristics of Magnesium Oxychloride Cements
1.1.19R.A. B.Ya. Trofimov, L.Ya. Kramar, K.V. Schuldyakov
On Deterioration Mechanism of Concrete Exposed to Freeze-Thaw Cycles
1.1.20N.S. Karandashova, B.M. Goltsman, E.A. Yatsenko
Analysis of Influence of Foaming Mixture Components on Structure and Properties of Foam Glass
1.1.23A.A. Kirsanova, A.N. Dildin, S.P. Maksimov
Influences of Steelmaking Slags on Hydration and Hardening of Concretes
1.1.24A.A. Khrebtov, E.V. Fedorenko, V.A. Reutov
Polymeric Luminescent Compositions Doped with Beta Diketonates Boron Difluoride as Material for Luminescent Solar Concentrator
1.1.25Y. Ionov, M. Lipp, L. Kramar
Specifics of Concrete Solidification with Anti-frost Admixture at Subzero Temperature
1.1.27V.D. Cherkasov, Yu.V. Yurkin, V.V. Avdonin
Damping Properties of Sandwich Beams with Viscoelastic Layer
1.1.28R. Fediuk, A. Pak, D. Kuzmin
Fine-Grained Concrete of Composite Binder
1.1.29S.P. Maksimov, A.N. Dildin, A.E. Maksimova
Optimization of Production Lines and Cross-sections of Fiberglass Rebar
1.1.30I.S. Grushko
Mathematical Simulation of Porous Glass Thermal Processes at Annealing Stage
1.1.31K.L. Domnina, M.V. Sotnikova
On Issue of Compressive Strength of Fine-Grained Reinforced Concrete
1.1.32I.M. Ivanov, L.Ya. Kramar, A.A. Orlov
Influence of Superplasticizer-Microsilica Complex on Cement Hydration, Structure and Properties of Cement Stone
1.1.33Y.N. Ogurtsova, I.V. Zhernovsky, L.N. Botsman
Efficiency of Composite Binders with Antifreezing Agents
1.1.34V. Strokova, V. Nelyubova, M. Rykunova
Testing of Binders Toxicological Effects
Section 1.2. Construction, buildings and structures
1.2.1I. Pospelova
Determination of Optimal Heat-Storage Thickness of Layer for "Smart Wall" by Methods of Nonlinear Heat Conduction Equations for Phase-Transition Materials
1.2.4I. Derbentsev, A.A. Karyakin, A. Volodin
Stress Behaviour in Compression of Contact-Monolithic Joint of Self-Supporting Wall of Large Panel Multi-Storey Building
1.2.5E.M. Ufimtcev
Time Analysis of Building Dynamic Response Under Seismic Action. Part 1: Theoretical Propositions
1.2.6E.M. Ufimtcev
Time Analysis of Building Dynamic Response Under Seismic Action. Part 2: Example of Calculation
1.2.7E.P. Sharovarova1, V.N. Alekhin, I.N. Maltseva
Green Technologies for Energy-Efficient Buildings in Cold Climate Conditions of Russia
1.2.8A. Potapov
Analysing Vibrations of Dissipative Structures with Connection Disruption
1.2.9N.D. Parskiy, M.V. Molodtsov, V.E. Molodtsova
Cost Effectiveness of Precast Reinforced Concrete Roof Slabs
1.2.11B.A. Rakitin, S.N. Pogorelov, A.O. Kolmogorova
Application of Non-pressure Reinforced Concrete Pipes in Modern Construction and Reconstruction of Highways
1.2.12B.A. Rakitin, S.N. Pogorelov, A.O. Kolmogorova
Study of Strain-Stress Behavior of Non-Pressure Reinforced Concrete Pipes Used in Road Building
1.2.13S.P. Sannikov, V.D. Timohovetz, A.Y. Kuzuek
Justification of Structural and Technological Solutions on Junction Perfecting on Permyakova and Shirotnaya Streets Intersection in Tyumen
1.2.14V.N. Alekhin, A.A. Antipin, S.N. Gorodilov
Scientific Support of Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures and Facilities of Increased Danger
1.2.15I.I. Ovchinnikov, O.V. Snezhkina, I.G. Ovchinnikov
Numerical Modeling of Local Penetration of Chloride-Containing Medium into Construction Elements Made of Reinforced Concrete
1.2.17M.N. Zherlykina, Y.A. Vorobeva, E.E. Burak
Investigation of Changing Air Temperatures in Cross-Tilt Inclined Cracks
1.2.18N.N. Panasenko, A.V. Sinelschikov
Basic Principles of Thin-Walled Open Bars Taking Into Account Where Influence Shifts of Cross Sections are Concerned
1.2.19N.N. Panasenko, A.V. Sinelschikov
Stiffness Matrix of Thin-Walled Open Bar Subject to Bending, Bending Torsion and Shift of Cross Section Middle Surface
1.2.20G.F. Sidorov
Formulas for Calculating Composite Rod with Initial Curvature
1.2.21A.A. Karyakin, I.S. Derbentsev, M.V. Tarasov
Experimental and Numerical Research on Tensile Performance of Inter-Panel Fastener Joints of Large-Panel Buildings
1.2.22A.L. Krishan, A.I. Sagadatov, M.M. Surovtsov
Proposals for Calculation of Bucking Coefficient for Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns
1.2.23A.L. Krishan, E.A. Troshkina, M.A. Astafyeva
Strength of Short Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns with Spiral Reinforcement
1.2.24A.V. Ignatyev, V.A. Ignatyev, E.V. Onischenko
Analysis of Flexible Bars and Frames with Large Displacements of Nodes by Finite Element Method in the Form of Classical Mixed Method
1.2.25O.V. Yemelyanov, E.L. Shapovalov, V.B. Gavrilov
Influence of Design Factors of Butt-welded Sheet Joints on Elastic Stress Concentration Level in Joints
1.2.26A.A. Varlamov, E.L. Shapovalov, V.B. Gavrilov
Estimating Durability of Reinforced Concrete
1.2.27I. Peshnina, O. Sinitsina
Analysis of Latest Experience in Design of Industrial Buildings Reconstruction by Constructing Additional Inter-floor Overlaps
1.2.28E.V. Rtling, T.M. Bagautdinova, O.V. Savina
On Rectangular Plate Frequency Spectrum
1.2.29R.A. Sheps, T.V. Shchukina, I.I. Akulova
Constructive Solutions of Energy-Active Fences for Solar Radiation Utilization and Methodological Arguments for Their Economic Efficiency
1.2.30O.Ye. Sysoyev, A.Yu. Dobryshkin, N.S. Naing
Nonlinear Oscillations of Elastic Curved Plate Carried to the Associated Masses System
1.2.31A.V. Bushinskaya, S.A. Timashev
Assessment of Probability of Failure of Building Structures in Uncertainty Conditions
1.2.32O.S. Prishchepa, A.V. Karavaev, A.V. Bushinskaya
Resilience of High-Rise RC Buildings to Dynamic Impacts
1.2.33A.K. Tingaev, R.G. Gubaydulin, N.A. Shaburova
Causes of Failure of High-Tensile Stud Bolts Used for Joining Metal Parts of Tower Crane
1.2.34E. Dorozhkina
Defects of Building Structures for Landscaping
1.2.35B.I. Pinus, Zh.N. Pinus
Ensuring Reliability of Reinforced Concrete Structures of "Northern Installation"
1.2.36M.N. Shutova, G.M. Skibin, S.I. Evtushenko
Definition of Availability Index of Deformed Building Constructions Using the Finite Element Analysis Package
1.2.37M.V. Zotov, G.M. Skibin, M.G. Skibin
Method of Conservation for Design Position of Buildings and Structures Operated in Complex Engineering&Geological Conditions Using Spring-Jack Modules
1.2.38D.V. Kasharin
Designing Decentralized Water and Electricity Supply System for Small Recreational Facilities in the South of Russia
Section 1.3. Construction technology and organization
1.3.1G.A. Pikus, A.R. Lebed
Warming of Monolithic Structures in Winter
1.3.2A.I. Dayneko, D.V. Dayneko
Institutional Problems in Urban Planning and Modern Methods of Reconstruction for Siberian Cities
1.3.4L.I. Kulikova, A.V. Goshunova, D.I. Nutfullina
Economic Analysis of Solar Energy Using in Oil Sector Economy in Republic of Tatarstan
1.3.5A.V. Kiyanets
Using Mortar Mixing Pump for Magnesia Mortars Preparing and Transporting
1.3.6A.V. Kiyanets
Improving Energy Efficiency of Buildings in the Urals
1.3.7H.N. Musipov, V.S. Nikitin, R.. Akhmadulin, L.N. Bakanovskaya
Technology for Subsea 3D Printing Structures for Oil and Gas Production in Arctic Region
1.3.8A. Bondar
Peculiarities of Russian Standards Application in Horizontal Formwork Design
1.3.10V.N. Kuchin, N.V. Shilonosova
Peculiarities of Thermal Treatment of Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Structures
1.3.11I. Gavrilina, A. Bondar
Logistics Solution for Choosing Location of Production of Road Construction Enterprise
1.3.12A.Kh. Baiburin, K.O. Semenov
Contribution of Clearance Holes to Semi-rigid Effects of Bolted Joints
1.3.13V. Novikova, O. Nikolaeva
To Issue of Mathematical Management Methods Applied for Investment-Building Complex under Conditions of Economic Crisis
1.3.14O. Kluchnikova, O. Pobegaylov
Application of Strategic Management Principles as Tool to Improve Quality of Construction Technological Process
1.3.15O. Fil, V. Terentev
Innovative Method of Analysis of Actual Cost of Work in Progress
1.3.16L. Petrenko, S. Manjilevskaja
Housing Operation Taking Into Account Obsolescence and Physical Deterioration
1.3.17Z. Cekic, N. Surlan, T. Kosic
Value Perspective of Project Stakeholders
2.1.27E.V. Gusev, Z.R. Mukhametzyanov, R.V. Razyapov
Technique for Determination of Rational Boundaries in Combining Construction and Installation Processes Based on Quantitative Estimation of Technological Connections
Section 1.4. Engineering networks and equipment
1.4.1R.V. Chupin, N.M. Pham, V.R. Chupin
Pressure-Flow and Free-Flow Discharge Modes in Closed-Loop Sewage Systems
1.4.2R.V. Chupin, I.V. Mayzel, V.R. Chupin
Trajectory of Sewerage System Development Optimization
1.4.4V.V. Khan, N. P. Dekanova, P. V. Khan
Heat Supply of Villages and Towns of Eastern Siberia. Problems and Ways of Development
1.4.5A.I. Kulakov, V.S. Shishkanov
Specificities of Sightseeing Foot Tour Arrangement for History Related Street with Regard to Karl Marx Street in the Town of Irkutsk
1.4.6I.Y. SHelehov, E.I. Smirnov, V.P. Inozemsev
Localized Electrical Heating System for Various Types of Buildings
1.4.7A.A. Tunik, M.Y. Tolstoy
Complex Mobile Independent Power Station for Urban Areas
1.4.8. Anisimova, . Shcherbak
Analyzing the Efficiency of Introduction of the Intermittent Heating Mode
1.4.9O.I. Dudar, E.S. Dudar
Application of 1 D Finite Element Method in Combination with Laminar Solution Method for Pipe Network Analysis
1.4.13D.V. Timofeev, E.G. Malyavina
Impact of Seasonal Heat Accumulation on Operation of Geothermal Heat Pump System with Vertical Ground Heat Exchanger
1.4.14N.A. Litvinova
Supply Ventilation and Prevention of Carbon Monoxide (II) Ingress into Building Premises
1.4.15E.V. Amosova, A.V. Shishkin
Calculation of Distribution Dynamics of Inhomogeneous Temperature Field in Range of Fuel Elements by Using FreeFem++
1.4.16E.A. Meshcherova, J.N. Novoselova, J.A. Moreva
Development of Water Softening Method of Intake in Magnitogorsk
1.4.17E.V. Amosova, G.G. Guba
Calculation of Heat-Bearing Agents Steady Flow in Fuel Bundle
1.4.18A.V. Kudryashov
Lighting Control System for Premises with Display Screen Equipment
1.4.19A.V. Kudryashov, A.V. Erunova, A.S. Kalinina
Justification of Natural Lighting Management for Workplaces with Displays
1.4.20E.M. Galperin, V.A. Zayko, P.A. Gorshkalev
Reliability Standards of Complex Engineering Systems
1.4.21V.I. Kichigin, Y.A. Egorova, O.I. Nesterenko
Studying Drinking Water Quality and its Change During Transportation through Samara Water-Supply Facilities
1.4.22A. Semenov
Increase in the Accuracy of Calculating Length of Horizontal Cable SCS in Civil Engineering
1.4.23I. Zhurmilova, A. Shtym
Determination of Ground Heat Exchangers Temperature Field in Geothermal Heat Pumps
1.4.24D. Makarov, V. Chernenkov, I. Likhachev
Hydraulic Control Method for Heating Systems of High-Rise Buildings
1.4.25N.V. Zemlyanaya, A.V. Gulyakin
Analysis of auses of Non-Uniform Flow Distribution in Manifold Systems with Variable Flow Rate along Length
1.4.26V. Golovin, P. Medved, T. Popova
Justification of Material Requirements of Contact Clarifier Media on Water Treatment Plants in Shtykovo
Section 1.5. Foundations, bases and underground structures
1.5.1A.I. Polishchuk, F.A. Maksimov
Numerical Analysis of Helical Pile-Soil Interaction under Compressive Loads
1.5.2Z.G. Ter-Martirosyan, A.Z. Ter-Martirosyan, V.V. Sidorov
Experimental and Numerical Research of Stress-Strain State of Homogeneous Soil Massif at Interaction with Single Barrette
1.5.3Z.G. Ter-Martirosyan, A.Z. Ter-Martirosyan, E.S. Sobolev
Laboratory Tests for Dispersive Soil Viscosity Determining
1.5.4N.V. Kupchikova, E.N. Kurbatskiy
Analytical Method Used to Calculate Pile Foundations with the Widening Up on a Horizontal Static Impact
1.5.5V.P. Dyba, E.G. Skibin
Change in Soil Porosity under Load
Section 1.6. Engineering and computer graphics in construction design
1.6.1I.D. Stolbova, E.P. Aleksandrova, M.N. Krainova
Innovative Organization of Project Activity of Construction Students
1.6.2A.L. Kheyfets, V.N. Vasilieva
3D Modeling as Method for Construction and Analysis of Graphic Objects
1.6.3A.L. Kheyfets
Generalized Dandelins Theorem
1.6.4V.N. Vasilieva
Application of Computer Technologies in Building Design by Example of Original Objects of Increased Complexity
1.6.5A.V. Zamyatin, E.A. Zamyatina
Formation of Reflecting Surfaces Based on Spline Methods
1.6.6K.L. Panchuk, A.S. Niteyskiy, E.V. Lyubchinov
Cyclographic Modeling of Surface Forms of Highways
1.6.7V.. Korotkiy, L.I. Khmarova
Kinematic Methods of Designing Free Form Shells
1.6.8V.A. Korotkiy, E.A. Usmanova, L.I. Khmarova
Geometric Modeling of Construction Communications with Specified Dynamic Properties
1.6.10A.L. Kheyfets
Programming While Construction of Engineering 3D Models of Complex Geometry
1.6.12G.A. Kiyashko
Application of GIS Technology for Town Planning Tasks Solving
1.6.13.V. Zamyatin, Y.. Kokareva
Designing of Architectural Shells on the Basis of Linear Hyperbolic Congruence Surfaces
Part 2. Architecture, urban studies and design
2.1.2L.V. Kozlova, V.V. Kozlov
Principles of Improvement of Large City Public Space (by Example of Irkutsk City)
2.1.4A.I. Kulakov, J.V. Krakovtseva
Development Prospects of Railroad Complex Belarussky Railway Station in Moscow with Accessible Environment Device for Disabled People and Other Groups with Limited Mobility
2.1.5A.I. Kulakov, A.U. Ree
History of Planning Structure Development in Irkutsk
2.1.6A.V. Leyzerova, E.J. Bagina
Street as Sustainable City Structural Element
2.1.7S.G. Shabiev
South Ural State University Campus: Architectural Development Concept in Accordance with International Standards
2.1.8D.N. Surin, O.B. Tereshina
Modern Church Construction in Urals. Problems and Prospects
2.1.9. Khrichenkov, V. Shaufler, L. Bannikova
Trade Services System Adaptation for Sustainable Development
2.1.10Y.S. Yankovskaya, A.V. Merenkov
Image and Morphology in Modern Theory of Architecture
2.1.12V.G. Chudinova
Modern Role of Architectural Style Category in Russian Practice
2.1.13V. Budarova, N. Cherezova, O. Rodina
Experience in Innovative Technologies Application to Change Urban Space for Sustainable Territory Development
2.1.14V.A. Kolyasnikov
Significant and Basic Innovations in Urban Planning
2.1.15L.I. Belykh
Biomonitoring of Air Condition in Urban Environment (with Regard to Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region in Russia)
2.1.16T.V. Belyaeva
Dynamic Architecture. New Style Forming Aspects
2.1.17M.D. Voronina
Creation of Real Estate Based on Public Private Partnership and Municipal Private Partnership Agreements in the Russian Federation
2.1.19V.V. Bolshakov
Problems of Research, Projects and Mechanisms for their Implementation in Chelyabinsk City Agglomeration
2.1.20V.A. Suchilin, L.V. Sumzina, A.V. Maksimov
Method for Refrigerators Efficiency Increasing
2.1.21V.V. Lebedev, L.V. Sumzina, A.V. Maksimov
Method for Household Refrigerators Efficiency Increasing
2.1.22N.M. Shabalina
Design and Decorative Art in Shaping of Architectural Environment Image
2.1.23A.Ju. Khudyakov, S.G. Shabiev
Renewable Energy Sources in Formation of South Urals Modern Urban Systems
2.1.25.V. Davydova
Integrative Potential of Architectural Activities
2.1.26D.I. Nesterov, M.Yu. Fedorova
Colour Perception in Ancient World
2.1.28O. Finaeva
Role of Green Spaces in Favorable Microclimate Creating in Urban Environment (Exemplified by Italian Cities)
2.1.29D.V. Berezin
Expansion of Behavioural Comfort Zone within Former Soviet Mass Housing
2.1.30D.V. Berezin
Exterior Space Retrofitting Planning with Possible Effect on Building Thermal Characteristics
2.1.31I.S. Lee
Architectural Design Propaedeutics in Russia: History and Prospects
2.1.32M.Yu. Sidorenko, Zh.V. Ponomareva
Water Fountains in Environment Transformation Correcting
2.1.33A.Kopeva, O. Khrapko, O. Ivanova
Landscape Planning of Schoolyards
2.1.34L. Surina
Influence of Early XXth Century Plastic Culture on Russian Design Formation
2.1.36Z. Umorina
Peculiarities of Natural Technology Application in Architecture
2.1.37V.G. Chudinova, O.R. Bokova
Possibilities of Architectural Lighting to Create New Style
2.1.38A. Maltseva
Green Framework and its Role in Sustainable City Development (by Example of Yekaterinburg)
2.1.39T. Vargot
Timeliness of Creative Subjects in Architecture Education
2.1.40V.I. Loganina, Ch.V. Zhegera
Estimation of Strength of Coating of Solvent Layer on the Basis of Adhesive Building Mixture
2.1.41.V. Kolobaeva
On Some Aspects of Study on Dimensions and Proportions of Church Architecture
2.1.42. Vorobeva
Integrated Approach to Industrial Packaging Design
2.1.43I.N. Maltseva, N.N. Kaganovich, T.N. Mindiyrova
Agricultural Urbanism in the Context of Landscape Ecological Architecture
2.1.44T.V. Gudkova, A.A. Gudkov
Spatial Modernist Architectural Artistic Concepts
2.1.45E. Mazygula, M. Kharlamova, E. Kozlova
Analysis of Kerch by Local Indicators of Sustainable Development
2.1.46V. Olenkov, P. Puzyrev
Study of Wind Effects on Unique Buildings
2.1.47V.D. Olenkov, N.T. Tazeev
Urban Planning Problems of Agglomerations
2.1.48V. Yudin
Technology of Oak Architectural and Decorative Elements Manufacturing for Iconostasis Recreating in Krestovozdvizhensky Temple in Village of Syrostan, Chelyabinsk region
2.1.49V. Yudin
Architectural and Artistic Design of Wooden Iconostases in New and Restored Temples
2.1.50T. Kosic, I. Svetel, Z Cekic
Complexity of Curved Glass Structures
2.1.51A.V. Leyzerova, L.V. Bulavina
Boulevard as Natural Skeleton Element of Modern City
2.1.52P.V. Kapustin, I.R. Kirpileva
Approach for City Image Strengthening Through Urban Environment Interpretation
2.1.53V.B. Filatov
Strength alculation of Inclined Sections of Reinforced Concrete Elements under Transverse Bending
2.1.54E. Dorozhkina
Courtyards Should Be Green Today
2.1.55A.Ju. Khudyakov
Hexographic Method of Complex Town-Planning Terrain Estimate
2.1.56O. Priemetz, K. Samoilov, M. Mukasheva
Convenience of Statistical Approach in Studies of Architectural Ornament and Other Decorative Elements Specific Application
2.1.57D.G. Chernyh
Artistic and Industrial Institutions in Russian Education Structure in XIXth Century
2.1.58D.G. Chernyh
Artistic and Industrial Institutions in Russian Education Structure in First Quarter of XXth Century
Part 3. Technosphere safety
Section 3.1. Analysis, assessment and technologies of natural and man-made disasters reduction
3.1.1S.V. Pridvizhkin, M.A. Vyguzova, O.V. Bazhenov
Development of Technology and Installation for Biohydrogen Production
3.1.2B.Kh. Sanzhapov, N.M. Rashevskiy, A.A. Sinitsyn
Analysis of Availability of Data Sets Necessary for Decision Making in Air Quality Assessment
3.1.4I. Kustysheva
Consideration of Environmental Factors in Planning and Development of Urban Areas
3.1.5A. Kryakhtunov, O. Pelymskaya, E. Chernykh
System for Conservation of Specially Protected Natural Areas as Sustainable Urban Development Element
3.1.6S.A. Jaremenko, K.V. Garmonov, R.A. Sheps
Research of Air Pollution by Dust Aerosols During Construction
3.1.7D.A. Baiburin, A.Kh. Baiburin
Assessment of Technogenic Accident Risk of Industrial Building Structures
3.1.8T.A. Borisov
Evaluation of Flooding Risk and Engineering Protection Against Floods for Ulan-Ude
3.1.9N.V. Bakaeva, I.V. Chernyaeva
Criterion for Estimation of Ecological Safety of Objects of Urban Transport Construction
3.1.10N.V. Bakaeva, S.A. Vorobyov, I.V. Chernyaeva
Application of Biosphere Compatibility Indicator for Assessment of the Effectiveness of Environmental Protection Methods
3.1.11M.I. Dinu
Mechanisms for Reduction of Natural Waters Technogenic Pollution by Metals due to Complexions with Humus Substances (Zoning: Western Siberia and the European Territory of Russia)
3.1.12N.V. Bakaeva, M.Y. Klimenko
Technique for Reduction of Environmental Pollution from Construction Wastes
3.1.13M.V. Ryabukhina, R.A. Maiski, R.H. Salikhova
Environmental Risks of Landscape Botanical Complexes and Minimization of Technogenic Influence Exerted by Objects of Oil&Gas Production in Steppe Zone of the Southern Urals
3.1.14I.A. Tomareva, E.Yu. Kozlovtseva, V.A. Perfilov
Impact of Pipeline Construction on Air Environment
3.1.15V.S. Popov, A.S. Ermakov, D.A. Cherepanov
Optimization of Site Location for Camping Construction
3.1.16L.A. Filimonova, N.K. Skvortsova
On Issue of Algorithm Forming for Assessing Investment Attractiveness of Region Through its Technospheric Security
3.1.18S.A. Timashev
Resilient Urban Infrastructures Basics of Smart Sustainable Cities
3.1.19A.V. Kolmakov, V.O. Ignatyeva
Increase of Investment Appeal of Projects for Noise Control Measures in Urban Environment
3.1.20D.B. Solovev, A.E. Merkusheva
Use of Portal Monitors for Detection of Technogenic Radioactive Sources in Scrap Metal
3.1.21L.V. Poluyan, E.V. Syutkina, E.S. Guryev
Software Systems for Prediction and Immediate Assessment of Emergency Situations on Municipalities Territories
3.1.22A.O. Oznobihina, E.V. Gayevaya
Heavy Metals in Soil&Plant System Under Conditions of the South of Tyumen Region
3.1.23D.B. Solovev, A.E. Merkusheva
Increase in Efficiency of Use of Pedestrian Radiation Portal Monitors
3.1.24M. Trokhimchuk, Y. Bakhracheva
Accident Prevention and Diagnostics of Underground Pipeline Systems
3.1.25N.S. Rasskasova, A.V. Bobylev, A.V. Malaev
Analysis, Evaluation and Measures to Reduce Environmental Risk Within Watershed Areas of the Eastern Zauralye District Lakes
3.1.27A.M. Sagalakov, S.F. Dmitriev, V.N. Malikov
Superminiature Eddy-current Transducers for Thickness Studies
3.1.28I.Ya. Lvocich, A.P. Preobrazhenskiy, O.N. Choporov
Simulation of Solar Energy Use in Livelihood of Buildings
3.1.29I.. Arkanova, S.. Denisov, D.Yu. Knutarev
Ecological Aspects of Condition of Ground Deposits in Shershnevsky Reservoir
3.1.30I.. Arkanova, S.. Denisov, D.Yu. Knutarev
Protective Measures when Cleaning Bed of Shershnevsky Reservoir of Ground Deposits in Operating Conditions of Water Intaking Constructions
3.1.31V.I. Petukhov, E.A. Petrova, O.V. Losev
Analysis of Level of Technogenic Impact on Water Area of Uglovoy Bay
3.1.32N.S. Pogotovkina, P.P. Volodkin, E.S. Demakhina
Method for Assessing Risk of Road Accidents in Transportation of School Children
3.1.33L. Guzikova, E. Plotnikova, M. Zubareva
Borrowed Capital as Risk Factor for Large Construction Companies in Russia
3.1.34S.K. Varlataya, V.E. Evdokimov, A.Y. Urzov
Methods for Calculating Frequency of Maintenance of Complex Information Security System Based on Dynamics of Its Reliability
3.1.35S.S. Timofeeva, S.S. Timofeev
Ecological Risks in Residential Premises Arising from Thermal Insulation by Pouring
3.1.36D.V. Ulrikh, S.V. Ivanova, I.A. Riabchikova
Assessment of Inhalation Risk to Public Health in the Southern Ural
3.1.37E.A. Khamidullina, S.S. Timofeeva, G.I. Smirnov
Accidents in Coal Mining from Perspective of Risk Theory
3.1.38V.I Petukhov, S.Yu. Golikov, I.S. Maiorov
Role of Ecological Cultural Synthesis in Enhancement of Importance and Competitive Ability of Polytechnic Education in the Southern Far East of the Russian Federation
3.1.39S.Yu. Golikov, V.I. Dulepov, I.S. Maiorov
Analysis of Causes of Major Environmental Issues Occurring on Sea Coastlines of the Peter the Great Bay
3.1.40S.Yu. Golikov, V.I. Petukhov, I.S. Maiorov
Creation of Artificial Landscapes Spatial Systems Optimizing Human Habitat on Southern Coasts of the Russian Far East
3.1.43S.Yu. Golikov, V.I. Dulepov, I.S. Maiorov
Analysis of Causes of Major Environmental Issues Occurring on Sea Coastlines of the Peter the Great Bay
3.1.44A. Morozova, A. Eskin
Centrifugal Pump Effect on Average Particle Diameter of Oil-Water Emulsion
3.1.45Y. Kazachkova, L. Lazareva, V. Petukhov
Evaluation of Pollution Level in Zolotoy Rog Bay (Peter the Great Gulf, the Sea of Japan)
3.1.46E.D. Khetsuriani, L.N. Fesenko, D.S. Larin
Optimization of Fish Protection System to Increase Technosphere Safety
3.1.47E.D. Khetsuriani, V.P. Kostyukov, T.E. Khetsuriani
Analysis and Evaluation of Parameters Determining Maximum Efficiency of Fish Protection
Section 3.2. Industrial ecology and waste-water treatment
3.2.1G.N. Akhobadze
Metrological Support in Technosphere Safety
3.2.2G.F. Mantorova
Heavy Metals Technogenic Pollution of Plough Lands Arable Layer in the Chelyabinsk Region
3.2.3M.N. Zherlykina, Y.A. Vorobeva, S.A. Jaremenko
Technical Means and Methods of Environmental Protection in Case of Accident at Chemically Hazardous Industrial Facility
3.2.4G.O. Zhdanova, D.I. Stom, .F. Lashin
New Electrodes for Biofuel Cells
3.2.5D.I. Stom, G.O. Zhdanova, A.V. Kashevskii
New Designs of Biofuel Cells and Their Work Testing
3.2.6V.A. Munkoeva, M R Sizykh, A A Batoeva
Photo Degradation of Methyl Orange by Persulfate Activated with Zero Valent Iron
3.2.7O.A. Shadrina, E.Ts. Dashinamzhilova, S.Ts. Khankhasaeva
atalytic Properties of Fe-containing Layered Aluminosilicates in Photo-oxidation of Dye Methyl Green
3.2.8M.I. Vakhromeev, Y.A. Moreva, L.G Starkova
Methods for Converter Sludge Dehydration Intensification
3.2.10E.D. Palagin, M.A. Gridneva, P.G. Bykova
Urban Land: Study of Surface Run-off Composition and Its Dynamics
3.2.11N.E. Chistyakov, A.K. Strelkov, S.Y. Teplykh
Domestic Solid Waste Landfills: Experimental Analysis of Leachate Stripping Technique
3.2.12L.A. Oznobihina, O. Pelymskaya
Development of Proposals for Solid Municipal Waste Landfill Placing by Example of Regions of the Far North
3.2.13B. Tsybikova
Application of AOPs for Removal of Stable Cyanide Compounds
3.2.15M.Yu. Belkanova, E.V. Nikolaenko, D.A. Gevel
Technological Aspects of Waterworks Sludge Treatment
3.2.16A. Eskin
Dissolved Air Flotation with Saturation of Liquid in Spray-Type Saturator
3.2.17L.P. Lazareva, O.N. Kostryakova
Problems of Waste Management at Poultry Plants and Ways to Address Them
3.2.18L.N. Fesenko, I.V. Pchelnikov, R.V. Fedotov
Analysis of Economic Efficiency of Production of Low-Concentrated Sodium Hypochlorite by Direct Electrolysis of Natural Waters
3.2.19S.. Denisov, D.V. Ulrikh, G.. Zhbankov
Formation of Hydrochemical River Regime Under Extreme Contamination by Waste Water (the Sak-Elga River in the Chelyabinsk Region)